Farming Apprenticeship


During the 2015 season, there will be no full season apprenticeships in honor of Shmita, the Agricultural Sabbath. If you are interested in being a short or medium term volunteer, please email a letter of interest to 

Apprenticeship: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Justice & Community

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We have filled all of our apprenticeship positions for the season. If you want to be wait listed or informed of future opportunities, please fill out the application, and we will keep your information on file.

2014 Application Form


from 2012 participants…


“Jonah and Leah have an unparalleled enthusiasm about being alive and loving their work, I was blown away.”

“Elen Cixous wrote about ‘the possibility of taking a mountain into one’s arms.’ This is the kind of big hope I dove into at Soul Fire Farm. Try this: raise two kids, build your own house (timber frame straw bale), teach full time, grow enough food to feed 25 families all summer, co-counsel, dance, cook, clean, pray, and engage people around you with deep compassion and intention.”

Who We Are: Soul Fire Farm is a family farm that taps deep into our commitment to justice and dismantling oppressive systems and structures.  We are a mixed race family of 4 living rurally in a natural straw bale, solar house that we built. Our work at Soul Fire Farm is connected to the dismantling of oppressive structures that surround us, and particularly in our food system. SFF is a space where people of color and women in particular have access to the powerful connection to the land. We have a commitment to developing and supporting leadership of POC within the food system. Our small, production hand-scale farm and homestead that feeds our family plus around 60 families in the nearby cities of Troy and Albany, NY. We intensively cultivate 1 acre in vegetables and fruits, and 5 acres of pasture for egg and meat chickens.